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Things We Wish Companies Would Do To Improve Customer Service From Consumers According To Genesys

by Genesys - December 30, 2015

Things We Wish Companies Would Do To Improve Customer Service From Consumers According to Genesys

Dear Retailer: We spend millions of dollars with your businesses during the holiday season, and we ask from you, please grant us better customer service during this time, and really always. Inevitably and unfortunately, we will have some sort of issue whether it’s with the wrong product, or something not delivered on time. Here are some CX wishes, we hope you will abide by this holiday season and in the future to help us with gift giving!

Five Wishes:

Please, can we get a human on the phone instead of a robotic operator? Mostly, these “robots” don't understand what we are saying thus wasting our valuable time, and these days, time is money. It’s unhelpful.

Can you stop having customer service reps read off the piece of paper in front of them? Let them have a mind of their own and empower your employees to make the right decision. Conversations should be less scripted, this isn’t a movie monologue.

With mobile-driven consumerism on the rise, shoppers are preferring SMS of deals from their favorite retailers, especially if coupons or rebates are being offered. On the retailers' side it’s known as “offer management” or targeted marketing to the general public. When consumers opt in, they receive text messages of offers on their phone — it’s quick, easy, no fuss. AKA low effort shopping, streamlined CX. From the retailer’s side it’s about being proactive and they’re able to target the offers based on your shopping history.

We need to be recognized for customer loyalty to build a personal connection between you and us thus having us trust you as a brand, and continue to buy your products. See this Genesys Infographic for more data on the value of customer loyalty.

A huge pet peeve of consumers is to spend hours looking for a toll-free customer service phone number on the website. Scrap the time restrictions/quotas and spend more time with us. Companies like Zappos and Plated allow agents to spend as much time as they need to produce happy customers. Have a pleasant attitude when you’re talking with us. Your demeanor counts and makes us jovial too.

If you’re putting us on hold, which is fine for brief periods, please play music we like. (For example, Ticketmaster plays targeted music based on demographic of the caller.)

It would be great if there’s a willingness to bend the rules once in a while and have support for us no matter what time of day, especially when it’s a serious issue like fraud as most fraud departments are only open Monday – Friday.

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