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Risk Mitigation, Business Continuity and Redundancy
Submitted by KM2 Solutions

September 1, 2020

Risk Mitigation, Business Continuity & Redundancy

Operational through uncertain times

Monday, August 10th, 2020 – New York, NY

The ability to remain operational in the face of unforeseen risk is key, not just for success, but meresurvival. Through deep experience and rich expertise in actively managing and mitigating risk on behalf of its clients, KM2 Solutions relies on its integrated business continuity measures to ensure your business will stay afloat in any eventuality.

Modern businesses face a variety of force majeure events than can, and frequently do, occur. From localized events such as communications or infrastructure outages to climate and weather-related anomalies or geopolitical related shutdowns, KM2 Solutions' duty of care requires a variety of systems in place to manage these risks and ensure continuity for our clients.


  • Climate/Weather Related
  • Communications/Infrastructure Outages
  • Geopolitical/Government Shutdowns
  • Viruses/Pandemics

No Single Point of Failure = SUCCESS!



Our continuity measures span the full realm of our operations from the ground up. The most common potential interruptions occur through power supply issues or communication outages. From localized on-site backup generators to multiple redundancies for telecommunications such as satellite telephony, KM2 Solutions remain ever prepared. Our vigilance also extends to to private staff transportation and on-site private security with 24hr site-wide surveillance. 


KM2 Solutions multisite, multinational model offers inherent risk mitigation built into its process. With clusters of sites across both the Caribbean and Latin-America connected on a unified platform, we can adapt and respond swiftly to any eventuality. This model proves equally effective in identifying and managing compliance risks and quality assurance issues.


Through our cloud-based data center, KM2 Solutions can rapidly deploy and manage our desktop environments across all our sites and countries of operation. These cross-site workforce and change management solutions allow us maximum flexibility to react and take swift and decisive actions in a controlled manner, to continue to drive the best performance in a safe and secure environment.


The ability to leverage a secure Work-From-Home model has also been key during the Covid-19 pandemic. KM2’s ability to quickly and securely deploy over 50% of its agent workforce, in most instances, within just 48 hours of client approval, is testament to the preparedness of its word-class technology department based in Columbus, Ohio.


Key to the successful delivery of all these measures is a robust technology platform. KM2 has built its technology platform to meet the complex demands of the modern BPO landscape, providing full redundancy to all of its facilities including dual North American Colocation facilities assuring the optimum in performance and reliability.


While recent events have undoubtedly tested almost every facet of its Business Continuity Measures, KM2 Solutions remains nimble and prepared for every conceivable eventuality. Through best-in-class technology solutions and a highly experienced management team, KM2 Solutions is committed to delivering effective risk management and business continuity processes to secure your business now, and for the future.

About KM² Solutions

KM² Solutions operates contact centers throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, including Barbados, Grenada, Saint Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Colombia. KM2 offers services to companies within the retail, healthcare, technology, finance, telecommunication, hospitality, and utility sectors. The company provides clients with a host of different solutions including customer care, receivables management, technical support, sales and marketing, data analytics, and back-office processing. KM² also maintains regulatory compliance with many different industry standards including HIPAA, FDCPA, PCI DSS, SOC 2, TCPA, and FCRA.


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