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New Cloud Platform from inContact Focuses on Changing Customer Service

by Mariann McDonagh, CMO, inContact - September 18, 2013

New Cloud Platform from inContact Focuses on Changing Customer Service
by Mariann McDonagh, CMO, inContact

The cloud has led the revolution for many industries, and customer service is no exception. Technology is rapidly changing, so are the needs and wants of contact center managers, staff and consumers. Inside contact centers, multi-channel communication is a common goal, but the logistics pose a challenge in terms of integrating with existing systems, creating easy-to-use interfaces for agents, and prioritizing both channels and individual queries.

For several years now, the industry has been aiming to truly achieve the universal queue, to provide agents with the agility they need to properly handle any type of customer communication, and give customers the type of efficient service experience they’re demanding. Cumbersome on –premise solutions have made some headway, but given the nature of those solutions, quickly integrating channels and processes requires a longer lead-time than most can afford.

With the Universal Queue in the cloud, seamless integration becomes a possibility, and through the power of the hosted environment, we’re able to quickly adapt to the demands of customers and of the industry. The platform is agile and flexible so that inContact customers have the ability to enhance their service delivery strategies. As needs of customers, consumers and the industry evolve, the cloud will continue to enable rapid evolution and in turn a better experience for customers and agents.

This truly integrated and flexible Universal Queue is at the forefront of inContact’s latest product release. In addition, the new release features the debut of inCloud, a powerful, API-driven ecosystem designed to enable customers to easily specify, implement and deploy solutions that are pre-integrated into the inContact platform.

The flexibility of the cloud and the integration capabilities of the universal queue work together to provide a more agile and dynamic environment for agents. Keith Dawson, Principal Analyst at Ovum Research stated, "Cloud contact center software has rapidly matured to deliver the benefits of traditional premise applications with a more flexible and scalable model for consumption." Continued Dawson, "inContact is leading the way in this market and this new release delivers strong value for their growing customer base."

In line with promoting greater integration, ease of use and innovation, the latest inContact platform includes:

The inContact Universal Queue: Work Item Routing and Contact Interlacing

The powerful Universal Queue automatically pushes a seamless flow of work throughout the day to agents – based on their skills, availability and customer priority. The Universal Queue orchestrates native inContact channels, such as voice, email and chat as well as external contact center work items, such as social media, trouble tickets and CRM cases….virtually ALL work in the contact center. This intelligent routing system determines when active channels, like voice, should take precedence over passive channels, such as email. When a high-priority active communication is received, the system automatically interrupts the email work, parks it in the agent's personal cloud and then returns it to the agent when they are again available.

Enhanced User Interface: Power Agent

Built to comply with the work standards of the organization and the work-style of the agent, the new Power Agent interface allows agents to answer calls, transfer work items, send emails and respond to chat - all within one powerful and unified interface. By eliminating the need navigate around their agent interface and call controls, the agent can navigate more efficiently. This lightweight interface can be resized and customized directly on the desktop to meet the preferences of contact center managers and agents to create the most efficient work environment.

True Dialer Blending

With new true dialer blending, agents can seamlessly switch between inbound and outbound communication. As inbound and outbound campaigns are created, the inContact platform allows for prioritization of those campaigns, which will inform the system's routing decisions. Based on the varying levels of prioritization, call centers can scale agents to address specific needs, and make available other groups of agents with dual skills to handle both the inbound and outbound communications as they arise. The blended queue is equipped with the capabilities to analyze pending items and determine the order in which they should be handled by the agent. Further, the system will reference agent skill sets to route high-priority items to the most qualified available agent, taking skills-based routing to the next level.

The inCloud Ecosystem

From mobile to social to workforce automation, CRM or analytics, the expanding inCloud partner network provides single place to turn for all customer-facing business solutions. inCloud gives partners the ability to quickly and easily develop on the inContact platform. Through the release of three API frameworks; Real-Time Data API, Admin API, and Chat API, independent developers and customers will have the ability to transform internal and external facing dashboards and mobile apps to best fit their needs.

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