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Cicero provides desktop activity intelligence and improvement software to measure and manage how people, processes, and technology work together in the contact center and back office. Leveraging a suite of “sensors,” Cicero Discovery’s desktop analytics and automation software collects any desktop activity, automates processes, and supports Big Data initiatives by capturing the customer journey at various touch points. This allows organizations to focus on areas for improvement in business processes, compliance, training, and application usage. Cicero XM improves contact center and back office performance by integrating, automating, and presenting information. Cicero helps customers such as Nationwide and UBS perform to their potential and rapidly build enterprise value by reducing cost, improving operations and increasing employee productivity.

Cicero Discovery is a lightweight and configurable tool to collect activity and application performance data and track business objects across time and across multiple users as well as measure against a defined “expected” business process flow, either for analysis or to feed a third party application. Cicero Discovery helps customers identify what is actually happening to an object through its life cycle and identify optimal business process and/or critical steps that are missing or holding up the process.

Cicero Discovery allows you to:

· Identify inconsistent workflow or missing steps
· Monitor for PCI and HIPAA compliance
· Pinpoint repetitive and manual tasks
· Capture where copying happens and how often
· Identify if employees are navigating several screens
· Capture, analyze, and focus on KPIs and metrics
· Monitor business rules and policies
· Supply desktop data BI, BAM, BPM, WFM, etc.
· Improve usage and better leverage IT investments

Cicero Discovery Automation quickly reduces redundant, manual activity by eliminating copy and paste within and between applications, automating common tasks such as customer look-up and search, and delivering single sign-on. These improvements streamline processes and reduce the employee effort and time it takes to handle each customer interaction in the contact center and each transaction in the back office.

Cicero Discovery Automation allows you to:

· Move data between applications to eliminate redundant, manual, and erroneous data entry.
· Automate customer look ups, product searches, etc., displaying data within the context of what the employee is doing.
· Eliminate copy and paste within and between applications.
· Complete forms such as screen forms, PDFs, etc.
· Reduce the amount of time employees spend logging into applications and re-log them in throughout the day.

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Cicero customers are realizing immediate results and returns on investment including:
• Increasing Productivity 30%
• Improving the customer experience
• Shortening training time 20%
• Increasing employee retention by 30%
• Enforcing compliance such as PCI, HIPAA



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