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Complimentary Webcast: Tuesday, June 9th  2:00pm Eastern - Ensuring Business Continuity and Success in Remote Contact Center Model - Panel Discussion with NICE inContact

As the world is moving towards a ‘new normal’ set by COVID-19, many of the contact centers have now moved to a remote model. While for some companies, remote operations have always been a part of their working model, for some it is new.

Join us to learn how to restore service continuity, service excellence and establish financial stability as you move to this new normal.

Hear first-hand from Contact Center leaders on how they are restoring agent productivity, keeping customers satisfied and cutting costs responsibly during these tough times.

Call Center Buyer's Guide Brochure - 2020 - May Edition - Leading Providers of Call Center Products and Services - A Service of Call Center Times

Employment Opportunity: Floral Shop Designer & Manager - Fort Worth, Texas

Are you looking for a bright future in the floral industry as a designer and manager?

If so, we have a position for you in downtown Fort Worth. Minimum 2 years management experience 

Send your resume to or call 972.395.3225

Complimentary Virtual Conference: June 15th – 19th - Techniques for Training, Coaching and Employee Engagement Virtual Conference – Produced by CrmXchange and The Quality Assurance and Training Connection

When you have the right training, coaching and employee engagement programs, your organization will have happier customers, confident agents, higher agent retention rates, and a stronger team drive for your goals.    Register now for one week of information-intensive webcasts offering tips and techniques presented by the leading minds in the industry. The curriculum is structured to benefit contact center leaders at all levels.

Participate in workshops to learn employee engagement strategies that have been proven to reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain customers at a higher rate, and make more profits. The importance of employee engagement can’t be overstated – engaged employees are happier, both at work and in their lives.

Experience this opportunity for growth and learning. Extend this invitation to your colleagues.

CCW Customer Contact Week – June 22 - 26, 2020 – EVENT UPDATE 

Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, June 25th - How Your Contact Center Can Meet Customer Service Demands During COVID-19 Presented by Fonolo

For contact centers across the US, the pandemic has resulted in high call volumes, long wait-times, and frustration for agents and customers alike. And this doesn’t look likely to change soon.

Is your contact center optimized to handle this growing demand? If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has taught businesses, it’s the value of human connection. Now more than ever, customers are looking for virtual touchpoints. Meeting your customers’ demand for service will be crucial to the success of your business beyond the pandemic.

In this webinar, our experts will explore the biggest challenges contact centers are facing to meet that demand — and share some insights into how you can overcome them. You will learn:

-   The biggest challenges contact centers are facing

-    Tips and tricks for managing the above challenges

-    The best advice for contact centers suffering from staff shortages

-    How to manage ongoing high call volume

You’ll also see a demonstration of Fonolo’s call-back solution which reduces the frustration of long hold time, leads to happier callers, and provides for a more profitable contact center.

Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, July 30thTechnology Fatigue in the Digital Workplace – Presented By Genesys

There’s an abundance of digital tools available in the workplace today.  How do you ensure that your employees are positioned for success? Most companies strive to improve employee experience while not impacting their productivity. During this session, we will discuss the impact of digital tools on the employee.

Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, August 13thSetting Performance Goals and Scorecards – Presented By Sharpen

In this session, we’ll look deeply at the attributes of an effective scorecard. First by defining the attributes of a single great contact and then by developing the appropriate statistics to cleanly measure agent performance. We’ll also discuss how to use math modeling and sensitivity analyses to help determine the best among several competing goals.

Complimentary Webcast: Tuesday, October 20thBuilding Great “What-If” Models and the Resulting Analyses for the CEO – Presented By: Sharpen

Over the years we’ve discussed the importance of building contact center models that are provably accurate. Accuracy is important. Inaccurate models result in cost overages or service failures. In this session, we’ll discuss a new method for using your Erlang C, Erlang A, and Erlang X calculations to build an unbeatably accurate contact center model.

Complimentary Webcast: Best Forecasting Methods in the 21st Century– Presented By Genesys

Complimentary Webcast:  Mobile Support Integration for a Better Customer Experience - UJET

Complimentary Webcast: Keep Your Remote Call Center Agents Engaged and Productive with Intelligent Attended Automation - NICE

Complimentary Webcasts:  Cocktails and Contact Centers – Two Live 30 Minute Chats  - CRMXchange

Complimentary Webcast: Learn How to be Great - Helping Agents, Supervisors, and Execs Perform – Presented By: Sharpen

Complimentary Webcast: Managing Contact Centers Through The Pandemic - CallMiner

Complimentary Webcast: Unlock Customer-Centric Intelligence  - Presented by Calabrio

Complimentary Webcast: Attributes of Solid Contact Center Performance Metrics - and Attributes of Poor Ones  - Presented by Sharpen

Complimentary Webcast: CrmXchange Presents CX Jeopardy - Played by Audience Members - Commentary from 8x8, Edify, Vonage, Cogito, DMG Consulting LLC

Complimentary Webcast: The Beginner's Guide To Analytics - Presented by Calabrio

Complimentary Webcast: Preparing for the Future of WFM - NICE and Verint

Employment Opportunity - Filled

TITLE: Access Center Representative I, Boynton Beach, Florida

COMPANY: NYU Langone Medical Center

Complimentary Webcast: Can We Just Talk? - What You Really Need to Know About Contact Center Stuff but Were Afraid to Ask – CrmXchange -

Complimentary Webcast: That Was Easy - 5 Ways to Simplify Your Workforce Management - Verint

Complimentary Webcast:  Smooth Customer Journey – Predictions for 2020 and Beyond - RingCentral and NICE Nexidia

Complimentary Webcast:  – Predictive Behavioral Routing Demonstration - How Does it Work? What Can it Do? - Presented By: NICE Nexidia

Complimentary Live Demonstrations Webcast - Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations  - Presented By: CRMXchange

Complimentary Webcast: Workforce Planning in a Digital World - Genesys

Complimentary Webcast:   Attended Robots Improve Productivity and Agent Engagement - NICE and DMG Consulting, LLC

Complimentary Best Practices Panel Webcast: Best Practices Panel– Seamless Customer Experience - Combining AI, VA with Live Agents - NICE inContact and Verint
Complimentary Webcast:  How Intelligent Routing Can Deliver the Business Results - Presented by NICE Nexidia

Complimentary Webcast:  Long and Short Term Forecasts and Weekly to Interval Staffing Requirements– Presented By: Genesys

Complimentary Webcast Best Practices Discussion: Best Practices Discussion – How to Deliver an Effortless Customer Experience– Presented By: CRMXchange

Complimentary Webcast Case Study:  Case Study - Building New Roads to Greater Productivity and Efficiency With QA and Analytics– Presented By: CallFinder

Complimentary Webcast:  Workforce Optimization 2.0 - How Innovation is Shaping the Next Generation of Contact Center Agents– Presented By: Talkdesk

Complimentary Webcast:  Speech Analytics - Insights, Guidance and IVR Innovation– Presented By: Gridspace

Complimentary Best Practices Webcast: Best Practices for Workforce Management– Discussed by Calabrio, Verint, NICE

Job Opening: Corporate Automotive Service BDC Director - Position Filled

Napleton Automotive Group is seeking a Corporate Service BDC Director to join our team at our centralized business development center in Arlington Heights, IL! This individual will oversee the centralized BDC department that supports all of our dealerships. This individual will manage the BDC team that consists of about 40 individuals, and will ensure that our Business Development Center is providing the best possible service to Napleton customers.

Click Here for Details!

Complimentary Webcast: AI and RPA - Transforming Customer Service - Tech Tank - Jacada and NICE

Located within the Sunset Corporate Park Master-Planned Campus in Hillsboro, Oregon and currently occupied by Farmers Insurance Call Center, this flexible state-of-the-art communications center is available Q1/18 - potentially sooner.

  • Single-story construction
  • Open floor plan with multiple conference facilities and training rooms
  • Executive offices, lunch and break rooms
  • Outdoor patio
  • Fully sprinklered
  • OC12 Electronics DTA link via AT&T
  • Multiple telecom providers
  • Multiple fiber rings
  • Multiple T-1’s servicing building
  • Electrical 2000 amp 3-phase
  • EPS 6000, 300kVa UPS system
  • 7.23/1,000 Parking Ratio - Free
  • Excellent Hwy 26 access

Contact: David C. Squire, SIOR
503.972.5505 -


Are you planning a webcast/webinar, seminar, or the auction of a product designed for the contact center market?

Are you faced with a tight deadline and wish to reach as many contact center professionals with your announcement as quickly as possible?

We invite you to post your announcement today for a nominal fee.
Here is how to send your advertisement:

You may also call our business office at (972) 395-3225 to discuss your advertisement/announcement.