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Product Release: Biometrics and FIDO2 Passkeys Authentication for Call Centers  


  • Reduce Call Handling Times & Mitigate Fraud Risks
  • Evolving Fraud Tactics
  • Better Customer Experience Through Efficient Authentication
  • Phishing-Resistant MFA
  • Authsignal Intergration
  • Case Studies: A Testament to Transformation
  • Customer-Centric Benefits
  • Future-Proofing Call Centers

Call Center Times' June 2024 Newsletter - Click Here!

Call Center Buyer's Guide Brochure - 2024 - June  Edition - Leading Providers of Call Center Products and Services - A Service of Call Center Times - Click Here!  

Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, June 20th - Winning CX Gold - How to Earn a “Perfect 10” on Every Interaction - NICE -

Ready to go for CX gold? In today's fiercely competitive market, exceptional customer experiences are your ticket to the top of the podium. AI is your secret weapon, but to score a perfect 10, it must be designed specifically for CX and seamlessly integrated into a platform that brings together data, channels, and applications.  With an integrated platform, you can both streamline your operations and gain a cutting-edge to differentiate customer experiences. Join us as we explore how your organization can deliver medal-worthy experiences. You will learn how to:

-Maximize value from every interaction to continuously improve customer satisfaction

-Integrate insights across every application in your organization to deliver seamless experiences

- Operationalize CX insights across your organization, enabling your teams to work together to deliver holistic experiences from digital to voice, and everything in between 

Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, July 18th - Best Practices in Workforce Optimization - CrmXchange

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a key aspect of call center operations and involves ensuring that agents are performing at their best, and that staffing levels are optimized to meet customer demand. During this roundtable we will discuss a variety of issues for the contact center.

STIR SHAKEN Provider with Local Outbound Caller IDs for Sale

In today's business world, making outbound calls is an essential part of any telemarketing strategy. However, getting potential customers to answer those calls can be a challenge. One way to increase the likelihood of a successful outbound call program is through the use of local caller ID numbers. When a call comes in from a local number, it is more likely to be answered than if it comes from an unknown or non-local number.

However, simply using local caller ID numbers is not enough. It's important to ensure that those numbers are authentic and not being spoofed. This is where STIR SHAKEN technology comes in...   CLICK HERE! 

Complimentary Webcast: Thursday, August 15th Megatrends to Watch for in 2025 and Beyond

The customer service landscape is constantly evolving, and with technological advancements and changing customer expectations, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to remain competitive.

In this webcast, our expert panel will discuss  the most important customer service megatrends to watch for in 2025 and beyond.

Complimentary Webcast: Wednesday, September 18th - Seamless Customer Experience - Combining AI, VA with Live Agents – CrmXchange

In today's fast-paced and digitally-driven world, providing a seamless customer experience has become crucial for businesses to stay competitive. Customer engagement strategy is the cornerstone of brand strategy. AI, digital, and human engagement must support brand strategy. Despite massive shifts in consumer preferences and the explosive growth of digital engagement channels, when it comes to conversational AI and self-serve customer engagement, many brands admit they are struggling to start down the path of investing in bots and AI.

Employment Opportunity - FILLED

TITLE: Access Center Representative I, Boynton Beach, Florida

COMPANY: NYU Langone Medical Center

Complimentary Webcast: Revolutionizing Modern Call Centers with Gamification – CallMiner 

Complimentary Webcast: Charting a Path to CX Automation in Your Contact Center - Verint® Systems

Complimentary AWS Virtual Conference: AWS Contact Center Day  

Complimentary Webcast: Unleashing the Power of CX Automation for Enhanced Customer and Agent Experiences - Verint® Systems

Job Opening: Corporate Automotive Service BDC Director - Position Filled

Napleton Automotive Group is seeking a Corporate Service BDC Director to join our team at our centralized business development center in Arlington Heights, IL! This individual will oversee the centralized BDC department that supports all of our dealerships. This individual will manage the BDC team that consists of about 40 individuals, and will ensure that our Business Development Center is providing the best possible service to Napleton customers.

Complimentary Webcast: Bracing for the Storm - Ensuring Contact Center Resilience in Harsh Weather – Presented By: Hammer and Servion

Complimentary Webcast:  - Fueling Success - 6 Ways AI Empowers Agents – Presented By: NICE

Complimentary Webcast: The Dynamic Duo - AI and Humans Amplifying Customer Experiences - NICE

Complimentary Webcast: Preparing for the Future of WFM - CrmXchange

Complimentary Webcast: Navigating the Fast-Paced World of Contact Centers - Discovering the Keys to Exceptional Customer Experiences - Presented by: Verint and Five9

Complimentary Best Practices Webcast: Best Practices – Reduce Agent and Customer Effort- CrmXchange

Complimentary Webcast: Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience with Automated Testing and Monitoring Solutions - Servion - CLICK HERE!

Complimentary Webcast: From First Interaction to Lasting Impression - Scaling Business Success Through Holistic CX Management -NICE - CLICK HERE!

Employment Opportunity: Floral Shop Designer & Manager - Fort Worth, Texas - FILLED

Are you looking for a bright future in the floral industry as a designer and manager?

If so, we have a position for you in downtown Fort Worth. Minimum 2 years management experience 

Complimentary Webcast: 3 Ways AI and Humans Can Create Better Customer Experience- NICE - CLICK HERE!

Complimentary Webcast: Biggest Contact Center and Customer Service Challenges and How to Turn them Around - Presented by NICE and Verint - CLICK HERE!
Complimentary Webcast: Gamification Unleashed - Engaging Minds, Achieving Goals - Presented by Liran Meir Frenkel, Senior Product Marketing, NICE - CLICK HERE!
Complimentary Webcast: Seamless Customer Experience - Combining AI, Virtual Agents and Live Agents - NICE, Verint, Waterfield Tech ...CLICK HERE!
Complimentary Webcast: Megatrends to Watch for in 2024 and Beyond – Presented By: CrmXchange, NICE, Verint - CLICK HERE! 
Complimentary Webcast: Getting Value from Your Customer Engagement Data  - Verint - CLICK HERE!  

Complimentary Webcast - Unlocking Customer Lifetime Value - 5 Strategies for enhancing CX with Listening Insights- NICE

Complimentary Roundtable Webcast: Roundtable - Best Practices in Workforce Optimization – Presented By: CrmXchange, NICE, Verint, WiseOwl

Complimentary Virtual Conference - Training, Coaching, and Employee Engagement Virtual Conference - Transforming Your Workforce in 2023

Complimentary Webcast: From Good to Great: Elevate Customer Experience with Workforce Management and Omnichannel Engagement
– Presented By: injixo and Freshworks

Complimentary Webcast: Investment Priorities - Balancing Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Operating Costs - Presented By: Verint® Systems

Complimentary Webcast: Does Your Bot Have What It Takes for Impressive CX? How to Build Smart Bots with Enlighten XO – NICE

Complimentary Webcast: Do More with Less in a Turbulent Economy – NICE and DMG Consulting

Complimentary Webcast: Helpful AI – A Better Way for a Better Experience – NICE and Aberdeen

Complimentary Webcast: Insights! Data! Action! The Magic Behind Full-Organization CX Success – Presented By: Verint® Systems

Complimentary Webcast: How to make WFM Work Better – Presented By: NICE

Complimentary Webcast: Closing The Engagement Capacity Gap - Find out What’s Working from Organizations Getting It Right - Verint and Lopez Research

Complimentary Webcast: Preparing for the Future of Workforce Management 2023 - Presented by NICE and Verint

Complimentary Webcast: Fixing Your Contact Center WFM and Workforce Challenges- DMG Consulting and CrmXchange

Complimentary Webcast: Night Owls and Early Birds - Don't Put Customer Satisfaction on Hold - NICE CXone


UC / MS Teams Optimised | Crystal Clear Calls | Noise Cancelling Mic | 

HD Stereo Sound | Rich Bass |
This Savvy 410 business-grade Wideband Dual feature headset with Digital Signal Processing and a Noise-Cancelling microphone for high-quality, crystal-clear sound, allowing you to work, listen to music comfortably for long periods of time!
Optimised for UC Platforms & Microsoft Teams, Lightweight design, especially for Office Professionals, HomeOffice Users & Students. It has an adjustable headband design to fit all head sizes, a flexible mic boom to suit your preferences, and a soft & high-quality ear cushion with antibacterial properties to enhance all-day wearing comfort.
                   LT-410DU Direct USB | LT-410DJU (3.5mm + USB)

Complimentary Best Practice Roundtable Webcast: Best Practice Roundtable - Reduce Agent and Customer Effort - CrmXchange
Complimentary Webcast: Stay One Step Ahead and Find Out What’s Next in CX - NICE CXone
Complimentary Webcast: How to Create a Winning Business Case for your CX Strategy and Drive Critical ROI - Verint
Complimentary Webcast: Contact Centers' Biggest Challenges and How to Turn Them Around - Featuring Veirnt, UiPath, RingCentral
Complimentary Webcast: Top 5 Tricks - Digital CX That’s One step Ahead of Your Customer - NICE CXone
Complimentary Webcast: Supercharge your Quality Program with Real-Time Coaching – Verint
Complimentary Best Practices Roundtable Webcast: Best Practices Roundtable – Seamless Customer Experience - Combining AI, VA with Live Agents- NICE, Verint
Complimentary Webcast: Unlock New Ways of Analyzing CX Data with AI - NICE

Complimentary Webinar: Learn the 3 “R” De‑escalation Method for Contact Center Agents – with Customer Service Expert Myra Golden - Presented by Balto Software

Complimentary Webcast: Customer Service and CX Megatrends for 2023- Verint, NICE, UJET

Complimentary Webcast:  Make Every Interaction Better Than Expected! -NICE CXone

Complimentary Webcast: 3 Keys to AI Success in the Contact Center - UJET

Complimentary Webcast: 4 Ways to Fight Customer Service Inflation - UiPath- UIPA
Complimentary Webcast: The 3 Foundations of a Successful Digital-First Channel Investment Strategy - Verint Systems
Complimentary Interactive Webinar: How to Mitigate the Risk of Defects and Failures in your CX - Cyara
Complimentary Virtual Conference: Training, Coaching and Employee Engagement – CrmXchange and QATC

Complimentary Webcast: How to Address Customer and Agent Engagement in 2022 and Beyond - Verint and Ventana Research
Complimentary Webcast: 10 KPIs You Need To Measure to Prevent Agents from Leaving - NICE CXone
Complimentary Webcast: The State of Workforce Dynamics, a Fireside Chat with Verint and Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research
Complimentary Webcast: 3 Ways to Make your Contact Center the Employer of Choice – NICE
Complimentary Webcast: Contact Centers - From Attrition to Retention - NICE
Complimentary Webcast: Preparing for the Future of Workforce Management - NICE and Calabrio
Complimentary Webcast: Delivering World-Class Multilingual Customer Support: Finding the Right Approach for Your Company - Language I/O
Complimentary Webcast: How to Provide a Great Customer Experience during the Labor Shortage - Verint and Ventana Research
Complimentary Webcast: How Empowering Customers Empowers and Retains Agents - NICE CXone

2020 Changed the Call Center Landscape forever…

Like virtually every industry, the call center community was directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. When offices everywhere were forced to shut their doors and send their employees home call centers followed suit, hopeful that agents had the tools they needed to continue to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. A year later, with thousands of employees still working from home, we are taking a look at the factors that optimize a call center agent’s work from home experience and how to make the pandemic-induced business model a sustainable option going forward.  Download the complimentary Working From Home in the Call Center Industry Guide from CallShaper here:

Complimentary Best Practices Webcast: Best Practices, Strategies and Solutions for a Work from Home - Hybrid Customer Service 
The largest Workforce Optimization Virtual Conference that addresses issues that affect you daily - Presented by CrmXchange -

Complimentary Best Practices Webcast: Best Practices October – Reduce Agent and Customer Effort - NICE CXone, Verint, Vonage

Complimentary Webcast: How Can We Cut Costs? What Should Our Goals Be? How Do We Calculate ROI? - Sharpen

Complimentary Webcast: Automated Quality Management - Easing Work-from-Home Pain -Verint and McGee-Smith Analytics

Complimentary Webcast: Making the Contact Center More Efficient - EvaluAgent
Complimentary Best Practices Webcast:  Best Practices - Seamless Customer Experience: Combining AI, Virtual Agents, and Live Agents - Panelists: NICE, Ujet, and Vonage
Complimentary Analyst Webinar: Analyst Webinar - The Total Economic Impact™ of Verint – with featured guest Forrester

Complimentary Webcast: Customizing Your Metrics - How to Measure what your Customers are Experiencing - Sharpen

103,279 SF Call Center for Lease - SOLD!!!

Located within the Sunset Corporate Park Master-Planned Campus in Hillsboro, Oregon and currently occupied by Farmers Insurance Call Center, this flexible state-of-the-art communications center is available Q1/18 - potentially sooner.

  • Single-story construction
  • Open floor plan with multiple conference facilities and training rooms
  • Executive offices, lunch and break rooms
  • Outdoor patio
  • Fully sprinklered
  • OC12 Electronics DTA link via AT&T
  • Multiple telecom providers
  • Multiple fiber rings
  • Multiple T-1’s servicing building
  • Electrical 2000 amp 3-phase
  • EPS 6000, 300kVa UPS system
  • 7.23/1,000 Parking Ratio - Free
  • Excellent Hwy 26 access

Complimentary Virtual Conference: Training, Coaching and Employee Engagement Virtual Conference 

NobelBIZ | Webinars

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR:  Mental Health in Call Centers - How to Nurture and Protect the Mental Health of Agents
Good news! Our exclusive webinar dedicated to Mental Health in Contact Centers is now a free, on-demand resource.
Join us for a discussion about one of the most sensitive topic in the industry: The mental health of contact center professionals. We will explore the more subtile causes that can build tension and disrupt your team`s efficiency. But we will also look at how we can prevent such mental breakdowns in the first place

Complimentary Webcast: Zero Code Omnichannel Chatbot in 30 minutes with Amazon Connect

Complimentary Webcast: Secure and Efficient Phone Payments - Using virtual assistants alongside live agents for smoother transactions -  Plum Voice

Complimentary Webcast: Building Great “What-If” Models and the Resulting Analyses for the CEO – Presented By: Sharpen

Complimentary Webcast: Best Practices and Tools for Work From Home and Hybrid Customer Service - Presented By: CrmXchange, SmartAction and Vonage

Complimentary Webcast: How Shellpoint Mortgage Enhances CX Performance with Speech Analytics - CallMiner and Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing

Complimentary Webcast: Setting Performance Goals and Scorecards – Presented By Sharpen

Complimentary Webcast: Best Practices - CX Megatrends to Watch in 2021 - CallMiner and NICE inContact

Complimentary Webcast: Technology Fatigue in the Digital Workplace – Presented By Genesys

Complimentary Webcast: Meet Nuance Mix - Your Key to Faster, Simpler, and Better Conversational AI Development - Nuance

Complimentary Webcast: 5 Digital Customer Service Practices that Reduce Effort and Churn - NICE inContact


Complimentary Roundtable Webcast:

Tech Tank Roundtable: Innovations in Workforce Management 2017


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