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Subscribe today to the 2024 Call Center Book of Lists' Directory today and begin a fruitful relationship with decision makers of call centers across North America!  

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  • Over 2,000 Call Centers and Call Centres Listed  
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  • Each call center / centre has at least one contact decision maker listed (VP of Call Center Operations, Director of Call Center, etc.)
  • The Directory is in Excel Spreadsheet
  • Free Updates (via e-mail)
  • Number of Seats
  • Industry Vertical
  • Includes bonus Technology Leads - (Speech Technology, Recording Solutions and ACD information)

The Call Center Book of Lists is a directory of call center / centre decision makers.  This publication is designed as a road-map for companies seeking to make inroads into customer contact organizations. The Call Center Book of Lists is in Excel Spreadsheet and includes the following fields: company name, contact name & title, address, phone/fax, website, industry segment, type of calling (inbound/outbound), number of seats, etc.

Cost: $425.00 (Includes Free Quarterly Updates) 

Value: Free updates will ensure currency of your lead file for 12 months

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Cost: $425.00 (Includes FREE quarterly updates)

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