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Our vision is to earn the niche of ‘one stop call center portal’ through the strategic release of transactional communications that at once assists, and effectively supports, the attainment of fiscal and operational objectives by our core target – decision makers at call centers.

We offer tactical implementation of strategies aimed at supporting the acquisition, retention and customer relationship management efforts of our core target. This will be attained through the commissioning of substantive ‘best practices’ articles by industry leaders, publishing of case studies and research geared at sharing ‘culture transforming’ practices.

We provide transactional communications aimed at linking providers of call center products/services to call center decision makers. We publish a monthly newsletter, yearly listing of call center decision makers, a buyer’s guide, vendor directory,  promotion of call/contact center webinars/webcasts/convention announcements, property listings, and job openings.

Think of us as an information clearing house for call center specific announcements.  We use an array of platforms, including social media, to illuminate interesting stories, exciting products, as well as beam focus on the companies that continue to lead the way in ensuring the viability of the industry.

Even in our 23rd year, we continue to find fulfillment in the numerous relationships that we have forged.  Let's connect you to the right people!  Send all inquiries to:

We have over 4,000 monthly direct recipients of our newsletter. Our reader demographic consists of VP's of Customer Care, Quality Assurance Directors, Call Center Directors, Call Center Managers, Directors of IT, System Integration Project Managers, Call Center Process Management 'Agents', Mission Control Analysts, Scheduling & Forecasting Supervisors, Workforce Management Software Administrators, Help Desk Supervisors, Help Desk Agents, Recruiters, Call Center Website Administrators, etc.

Media Kit: Our focus is transactional communications between the provider of a product/service and the B2B consumer.  We provide an opportunity for reader/decision maker engagement by providing our monthly newsletter free of charge, and offering an opportunity to submit articles. We do not publish an editorial calendar as it hinders our ability to retain flexibility of topic.  We prefer the fluid pursuit of story lines.  

Publisher & COO - Carretta Holliday


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Call Center Times

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Call Center Book of Lists' Directory 

• Over 2,000 Total Call Centers Listed
• Each Call Center has at least One Decision Maker Listed
• Complete Contact Information
• The Directory is in Excel Spreadsheet 
• FREE Quarterly Updates
* Number of Seats
* Industry Vertical
* Includes bonus Technology Leads - (Speech Technology, Recording Solutions and ACD information)
• Cost: $425

Call Center’s Buyer’s Guide

This section of our website is the most elaborate advertising program that we provide:
• Your company will be profiled on our website,, for 12 consecutive months
• Cost: $517

Vendor Directory

This section provides a snapshot of companies in the call center market space. (without the logo)
Cost: $399 (for a 12 month listing)

Featured Partner Corporate Logo Promotion (Website)

* Cost $950 (for a 12 month listing)

Corporate Logo Promotion (Website)

• Cost $500 (per 12 month period)

Corporate Logo Promotion (Monthly Newsletter)

* Cost $500 (per 12 month period)

Monthly Newsletter Advertisement/Promotional Piece/Advertorial/Whitepapers, etc.

• Cost: $275 (per edition)

Events/Announcements/Classifieds Advertisement 

• Webinars/Webcasts, Seminars, Call Center Space Advertisement, etc.
• Cost: $275 

Job Posting (job posting will run 8 weeks)

* One Time Fee Per Posting
* Cost: $175 (initial posting)

Quality of the database is guaranteed.  Please note that all transactions are final. 

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