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How To Create Positive Customer Experiences

by Jeanne Landau, Director of Marketing, 800response | Callfinder - October 2, 2015

How to Create Positive Customer Experiences By Jeanne Landau, Director of Marketing, 800response | Callfinder

In today’s business world, your customers/clients are the ones with all of the power. If you aren’t providing a great customer experience, not only will they leave you for the competition, but they’re also likely to tell others about the negative experience they had with your company/brand. That’s why customer experience (CX) has moved to the forefront of business initiatives. Of course, like anything else, in order for a customer experience initiative to be executed properly, it requires an investment in time and resources.

Here are 4 things companies need to be doing today to satisfy their customers and earn repeat business:

Engage in a dialogue with customers

It’s never been easier to reach out and speak directly with your customers or clients. Social media provides a great outlet to do so. Every company today needs to not only have a social media presence, but should be actively engaging with customers via these channels. Customers have come to expect that a company is available via social media and will appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback. What’s so great about social media is that opinions/questions/concerns etc. can be gathered swiftly, unlike traditional methods of communication like focus groups.

Properly train your employees

While this seems obvious, there are still plenty of companies today that aren’t adequately investing in their employees’ ongoing training and learning opportunities in regards to customer interaction. Customers need to have a positive experience when speaking with any employee, and this extends beyond the customer service team. All employees across all departments should be properly trained to speak with customers/clients or other stakeholders. Any employee contact can determine how your company/brand is perceived.

Provide a seamless cross-channel experience

Customers need to have a positive experience across every brand touchpoint (Customer Service, the company website, social media pages, advertisements, events, etc.). One component of providing a positive experience across these channels is ensuring that the branding and messaging is consistent. Today’s customers are likely interacting with a company across many channels. If the messaging/branding is different depending on where they are looking, it will cause confusion and a negative customer experience.

Invest in the right tools

The best customer experience decisions are based on data. Luckily, customer experience data is right at our fingertips today, thanks to technology. In addition, technology has become more accessible to businesses of all sizes as cloud technology reduces costs due to limited need of IT resources. Of course, the customer experience data provided by modern technology is only useful if a company also invests in the proper analysis of the data in order to extract key business insights that can inform business processes.

In order to survive today, a company needs to not only listen to its customers/clients, but also take note of ways to improve their products/services/process based on feedback, to ensure that current customers stay happy, which contributes to business success long term.

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