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Small Business Makes Tech Affordable
Submitted by Michael Sutter

by Keenan Noller - May 2, 2017

Small Business Makes Tech Affordable
By Keenan Noller
Technology can be heavy burden on a business’s expenses, but it does not have to be. Although some companies have the ability to spend big on the latest hardware, most do not have that luxury. Even those that can afford to spend the extra on technology could benefit from saving thousands of dollars by shopping smarter and reinvesting those savings on other projects.

     That is exactly what BBC Technology Solutions helps businesses do. Founder Michael Sutter says businesses can lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) by simply standardizing their equipment and choosing durable, business-class technology that delivers a higher return on investment.
     “People don’t seem to upgrade cell phones every year as done in the past. Like modern cell phones, newer IT hardware doesn’t change drastically from one year to the next, so we can save customers over 60 percent of their technology costs over buying new by finding the most practical and affordable equipment that fits their needs,” Sutter says.
     Variation in the devices a business owns can be a challenge as well, since more unique variation means more unique problems on different devices. That complicates IT maintenance, troubleshooting when things go wrong and increases operating costs.  Standardizing the computers, laptops, and other equipment makes IT maintenance simpler and cheaper, not to mention the ability to smoothly upgrade software and hardware for the whole team when needed.
     Sutter started his business in 2009 after decades of work in service integration and IT asset management. Since then, BBC has worked with clients across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, and has begun to expand services across the US from Massachusetts to Alaska. BBC works with companies across all sectors, including nonprofit organizations, schools, customer contact centers and the private sector.
     “Healthcare has been a huge part of our business, due in part to the versatility our products allow. Our value makes it possible for organizations to buy three laptops for the price of one, allowing them to send more employees out in to the field and better serve their communities,” Sutter says. “Once a customer reaches out to us, it quickly becomes obvious how much we can help them save.”
     BBC works with its clients to find the best hardware that meets their requirements and then standardizes it by setting an “image” to the devices. “Generally, companies want all of their laptops or other devices set up the same way,” Sutter says.
     This is done by creating an image, essentially a clone of the hard drive, and copying it to the other devices. “It’s one of the ways we really go the extra mile with our customers. Our clients can give us an idea of the exact image they want, we load it and deliver the computers to them exactly the way they want it.” That also lowers the IT costs for the business.
     Brad Gray, IT director for The Talbert House, hired BBC Technology Solutions to provide a low-cost replacement for their aging computer equipment. “They supplied us with laptops, docking stations, monitors, keyboards, speakers, and mice,” he says. “BBC also handled the imaging of our hard drives so the equipment was ready for delivery to the end user, taking the workload off our small staff.”
     According to Gray, attentive customer service and responsiveness made it an outstanding experience for Talbert House. “As a non-profit, BBC was sensitive to our limited budget and staff resources. We saved 60 percent buying pre-owned versus new technology.”
     Their work with local nonprofits, like The Talbert House, exemplifies how BBC can assist businesses in Cincinnati’s private sector as well. In addition to sales and implementation, BBC offers end-of-life buyback and on-site replacement programs.
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