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How The Pros Turn Loyal Customers Into Brand Advocates
Submitted by The Taylor Reach Group

August 18, 2017

How the Pros Turn Loyal Customer into Brand Advocates


Recently Martech Exec published an article on how to turn loyal customers into brand advocates, based on an expert roundup. The company reached out to 30 experts for their knowledge and insights of which I had the pleasure of being included. Here’s what I had to say:
“So how do we transform loyal customers to brand advocates? I would suggest that there are four steps required to allow brand advocates to blossom;
1. Be available in any channel your customers wish to employ for interactions. Frictionless service requires low effort, we need to make it easy and convenient to interact with us. You can’t advocate for anyone if you don’t experience their service.
2. Provide superior service through all interaction channels, regardless of the channel or the reason for the interaction you must exceed the customers’ expectations at each and every turn. Customers’ may want different things, with different degrees of complexity and require us to provide differing levels of support. At the end of the day, they want us to help them overcome whatever challenge or issue they are experiencing with our products or services. We must be exceptional and take ownership to get their issue resolved to the best of our ability.
3. Be transparent with your customers. Customers don’t expect us to be perfect. Customer do expect us to be open, honest and transparent in our interactions. If we need more time to get the answer, tell them, if we need to escalate, let them know why, and how long it is expected to take to get them the information or answer they are seeking. If we are transparent, our customer can see the efforts we are investing on their behalf and will be appreciative of our efforts
4. Always be Listening. Customers will tell you what they are seeking and how to satisfy them, if we let them. Customer are also a great source of ideas and suggestions that can make our service, products and organizations better. We need to be open to hear and attuned to these suggestions, that can make us better.”
As a very brief summary, here are the expert takeaways from the 30 thought leaders asked to participate:
·         Remember their individuality
·         The Consistency Theory
·         Feel the love. Use employees to draw in customers
·         Get the skinny from your current brand advocates
·         Make your world revolve around the customer
·         Go above and beyond
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