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Stop Guessing And Start Acting With Artificial Intelligence

by Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer, Etech Global Services - September 18, 2017

Stop Guessing and Start Acting With Artificial Intelligence 
It seems that more and more everyday processes and jobs are starting to include a measure of automation, where there’s less for flesh-and-blood humans to do a specific task to be completed. That’s most certainly become apparent when it comes to call centers. With that in mind, you should know there’s much to be gained when you harness the power of AI and people rather than let it become a source of anxiety. Specifically, it’s your quality monitoring solution that can become better and more efficient than you’ve ever imagined when coupled with modern AI capabilities. 
Make the Most of the Data You Already Have on Hand
What’s the use of having mountains of data if you aren’t sure of how to put it to good use? Thankfully, AI can help call center managers make sense of all the data they have at their disposal, making it easier for managers and their call center teams to know how to take the best care of their customers and their individual needs. Some specific ways AI organizes big data is helping call centers better deal with a variety of customers, better-anticipating customer pain points, making solid predictions and finding new opportunities for you and your agents. Now all the data you have on hand is becoming useful rather than just taking up space. Following are four ways in which AI has reshaped the customer (and representative) experience with quality monitoring.
1. Better Representative Satisfaction
While it’s good to use the same method to onboard all your new call center representatives, it’s even better to onboard them with new methods that can make them better at their jobs and feel confident while helping callers. Better training is one advantage of implementing AI with your current call center capabilities.
In addition to training new employees, AI is also great for your current and more experienced representatives. For instance, AI can use voice analytics to show your agents areas of improvement depending on their overall delivery, use of your call center script and use of phrases and sentence structure. This way, you can step into a situation in real time before things start to unravel and you run the risk of losing a customer or your agent having a negative interaction.
With AI doing more of the heavy and complex lifting, you and your quality assurance team have time and resources freed up for other professional pursuits. This means you can take care of projects and tasks that have been pushed to the curb because you were consumed with analyzing calls and customers interactions for ways you could make your call center better and your agents more capable at their jobs. Your QA team is sure to appreciate this, as it means working on something new, which might be just the thing they need to keep from feeling bored, unmotivated or generally unsatisfied in the workplace.
When it comes to quality monitoring, you’ve got to think just as much about the quality your call center representatives enjoy as you do the overall quality your target audience enjoys. Besides, your call center workforce plays a monumental part in the overall satisfaction of your customers. Going back to the point about employee satisfaction touched on above, the insight and information AI provides for your agents allows them to perform their jobs better, which is sure to maximize their overall satisfaction, which benefits everyone involved. More satisfied agents equals happier agents equals better performance. It’s a never-ending cycle of positive results, so make sure you’re doing your part to keep the good times going long and strong.
2. A More Efficient Experience for Everyone 
Something else to keep in mind with it comes to AI and quality monitoring solutions is the fact that AI can eliminate a lot of the riffraff that keeps customers from having the best customer experience. This means fewer useless menus for shoppers and customers to work through to obtain answers or useful information. AI can also keep an eye on what individual customers search for to better anticipate their needs and questions, saving everyone time and energy.
After your agents have worked at your call center for a while, they become used to certain questions and customer interactions. Rather than having your representatives handle “ground-level” customer interactions, which might not be the best use of their time and skills, you can instead have chatbots tackle the task. What’s so great about AI is that it learns on the go, allowing it to become more intelligent and capable over time, which benefits you just as much as the customer. Just like with your QA department, this allows your representatives more time for other projects and professional pursuits. And just like with your QA department, this freedom can lead to better job satisfaction without your overall quality taking a hit.
3. More Satisfied Customers
There are times when customers won’t always come forward with a problem or voice their concerns, choosing to instead let the situation, and the opportunity it presents, fall to the curb because they feel it’s not important. This sometimes happens because customers know yours isn’t the only company specializing in your specific services or products. Rather than let shoppers silently abandon your business, AI can instead give you a concrete idea of just how pleased your customers are with your company using the same voice analytic software used to help your call center representatives become more adept at their jobs. This information gives you the opportunity to address unspoken grievances or annoyances and keep your current customers right where they are rather than letting them go to your competition and wonder why.
While AI is combing through all that big data, it can also provide you with detailed information regarding your customers’ shopping patterns and preferences. This is possible by studying individual browsing patterns, what the customer has bought in the past and which specific pages the customer has visited before. This means you have targeted marketing and advertising opportunities that are likely to pique interest rather than make customers delete or ignore ads, discounts and specials they feel aren’t right for them. Your customers are sure to appreciate this, and they’re more likely to look forward to receiving emails and other correspondence from your company when they know you’re more likely to talk about services or products they care about and like.
4. Calls Are Routed Better
When callers or customers need answers, they prefer if those answers come from call center agents who are well-informed and knowledgeable, which is always better than being transferred several times within a single call or being put on hold. With AI, your customers’ calls and chats are better routed so that they talk to representatives who have the right answers without having to guess or ask someone else for clarity. We’re sure you’ll agree when we say this is preferable to your agents sharing incorrect or outdated information they might not be fully aware is incorrect or outdated, which can result in disgruntled customers or the potential to lose customers outright.

No matter the size of your call center or the products or services in which you specialize, chances are good that AI can become a powerful and effective tool and resource. Experience for yourself the endless and very real possibilities that await with artificial intelligence.  Stop guessing and start acting.


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