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Customers Prefer Using A Texting Service For Business

by Kelsey Olsen, Director of Enhanced Telecom Services, Quality Voice and Data, Inc. - May 23, 2018

Customers Prefer Using a Texting Service for Business

By Kelsey Olsen, Director of Enhanced Telecom Services, Quality Voice and Data, Inc.
Your customers are texting you. Are you getting the messages?
Did you receive my text? Have your customers had to ask you this question? If you had to answer “no” or even worse, ask what number they text you on…your company maybe behind the times when it comes to communication. Business texting is fairly new but has caught on quickly. Customers love to text and have probably been texting your business number and not receiving a reply. TextBetter™ has an easy solution for this.
Texting Service for Business: TextBetter
TextBetter™ allows businesses to send and receive text messages professionally, just like email. Forget about using a personal cell phone to communicate with your business contacts. TextBetter™ is a patent pending text service which text enables your business number and allows a user to send and receive text messages from their email.
The best part about this is you have a simple way to archive your text communications since they are saved right there in your email. In short-hand, when referring to text enabling your business number, we call it “Text to Landline”.
Your customers utilize text messaging for many different reasons. Texting is a convenient way to communicate with family, friends, and even companies you do business with. This covers a wide range of tasks from keeping in touch, receiving notifications, scheduling appointments, and receiving reminders for those appointments.
Text can be quicker than a phone call, sent or replied to at the customer’s convenience.
Texting Service for Business: Are you getting the messages?
Customers are texting businesses every day…are you getting the messages? Text enabling your business phone number can open up an additional channel of communication with your customers. In fact, many customers prefer to use text as a primary means of communicating. If you aren’t allowing your customer to do this, they may find another business that will.
Text messages could be coming in to your business phone number and you aren’t receiving them. Don’t be embarrassed next time a customer asks if you received their text message. They won’t have to ask because you have already replied to them. Call or text us today at 800-322-1112 so we text enable your business phone number and set you up with our text to landline solution.
Kelsey Olsen is the Director of Enhanced Telecom Services for Quality Voice & Data, Inc., a leading provider of Local Caller ID numbers, enhanced texting solutions and a non-ATDS telephone system. Kelsey takes great pride in leading a team that is responsible for setting up phone numbers with CNAM display within 15 minutes or less. In addition, Kelsey is an expert advisor for her clients that need successful Caller ID best practices. Kelsey can be reached at or 516-656-5122. 

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