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Call Centers Provide A Critical And Growing Role: Transformational Outlooks and Patient-Centric Communication Inspire Change

by Joseph Pores, President and CEO, Call 4 Health - October 29, 2018

Call Centers Provide a Critical and Growing Role:
Transformational Outlooks & Patient-Centric Communication Inspire Change
By Joseph Pores, Call 4 Health President + CEO
Call center businesses today are driving transformation through client retention, patient engagement, and also by pushing the boundaries of traditional norms. To fulfill client needs, workforce optimization has evolved into more than just a metric; it is about personalization and brand continuity. Minimizing the cost of back-office functions can be handled with less “once and done” and more real interaction and support.
Being Nimble Pays
The 2018 Healthcare Call Center Survey presented by the NPD Agency at the 2018 Healthcare Call Center Conference, revealed a key factor shared across a range of industries, including call centers: The growth of Omni-channel capabilities. For healthcare call centers, Omni-channel is a bellwether of change, particularly as it relates to brand messaging and communication. And that’s for good reason. Access is everything. For communication with patients, hospitals, private physicians offices and others, whether it is via the web, mobile applications, texts, phone calls, or email — any of those acts of communication are based on accessibility and choice at any given time.
Organizations are not just looking to have call centers that are more nimble, but the survey also found that the “executive value perception gap” is shrinking. This result highlights the importance and value of call centers by divulging how leadership in the C-Suite has acknowledged the importance of the business model. 
Protocols for Brand Consistency
Since market share is highly competitive in the call center industry, the right tools are needed to help make day-to-day operations seem virtually seamless to patients and clients. To ensure a positive customer experience with managed customer interactions and expectations, call centers must be consistent with single-voice messaging for continuity and also maintain brand DNA.
Joseph Pores, CEO and Founder of Call 4 Health has been the standard bearer for delivering call center interactions that are proactive, positive, and compassionate. He believes in call center technology being a conduit that delivers efficiencies. The NDP survey summary is evidence of the impetus for eliminating impersonal transactions: “Specifically, VPs, COOs, and CEOs now understand the critical nature of human interaction platforms, such as the call center, where personal patient interaction and satisfaction is an appreciated loyalty and revenue driver.”
As an advocate of the current state of the industry, Pores insisted on developing a strong call center-patient-provider relationship as his firm’s approach more than 25 years ago. He concurs with the empirical evidence of the survey: The growing roles of call centers and call center technology is critical, especially for meaningful interactions among service providers and patients.
 “Customer expectations and market fluctuations are the drivers,” says Joseph Pores. “We’re uniquely positioned in our telemedicine role to help deliver great client/patient interactions and to provide better customer-facing experiences, while also providing cost-saving services with ROI.”
About Call 4 Health
More than “Just” a Call Center, Call4Health is a leading telemedicine services provider with virtual call centers for various medical management services, including nurse triage. Virtual call centers at Call4Health are attended to with the utmost concern, compassion, empathy, and efficiency, every hour of the day, every day of the year.


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