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Success Story: New Technology Lowers Calling Costs And Provides A Better Customer Experience
Submitted by i-Comm Connect

February 1, 2020

Success Story: New Technology Lowers Calling Cost and Provides a Better Customer Experience


TACTAL by i-Comm Connect

Customer-to-Business Website Call Button

When Portland-based company Auto Europe was looking for a new technology to provide worldwide accessibility, better customer experience, and lower calling costs, the team found what it needed in a revolutionary new online calling solution called TACTAL. 

i-Comm Connect’s flagship product, TACTAL is an instant, toll-free call button that makes customer service more personal and efficient with just one click. TACTAL is easily added to your website, app, or e-marketing materials, and allows customers to call your business for free, from anywhere in the world, and on any device connected to the internet.

Driving Successful Customer Communications 

For Auto Europe, the positive impact was immediate. The international car rental services provider has over 20,000 locations in 180 countries, and three major call centers providing 24/7 assistance. Instant and reliable communications is a must for this white-glove service. 

“Staying in touch with our customers is essential, particularly when they are in need of immediate assistance,” says Auto Europe CEO Imad Khalidi. “TACTAL keeps our travelers connected wherever they are in the world.”

After years of relying on costly toll-free (1-800) numbers and chat software to speak with customers, Auto Europe placed its first TACTAL call button on its U.S. site in January 2016. Mobile and desktop website users were now able to instantly connect to a live support representative by clicking the “CALL NOW” button on Auto Europe’s website After just one week, Auto Europe saw a major surge in customer satisfaction thanks to the human touch provided by TACTAL. Consumers far preferred the ability to connect with agents on a human level. The new feature immediately reduced operational expenses for Auto Europe while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction:

• Q1 and Q2, TACTAL call growth year-over-year on the U.S. site alone increased 244% from 2017-2019.

• Over the last three years, Auto Europe has received calls from over 160 countries through TACTAL, nearly doubling their previous reach. This includes areas where Auto Europe previously could not receive calls due to lack of toll-free numbers there.

• TACTAL reduced Auto Europe’s telephony costs from over 30 cents to 1.75 cents per minute. TACTAL calls proved almost two times more efficient than toll-free calls, allowing representatives to handle more customer interactions.

 “TACTAL streamlines our online customer communications so we can focus on providing the best possible customer experience,” Khalidi concludes.

Auto Europe continues to integrate TACTAL, with roll-out to all 85 sites scheduled by year’s end. Additionally, Auto Europe launched a mobile app in 2019, specifically to allow app users to contact sales and support through TACTAL. The app allows customers to place a call leaving the current experience, maximizing customer engagement with the app. TACTAL passes caller data from within the app, so agents have context about why the customer is calling.

In Search of a Better Customer Experience 

In 2005, Maine native Jeff Strunk was inspired by emerging technology that allowed people to talk via computer from anywhere in the world. He thought up an online calling solution that could initiate a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call from a call button embedded on a business’s website. Jeff called upon Maine colleague, Mark Anderson, to lead the technology and patent development of a solution that optimizes the customer-to-business contact experience through seamless and secure access to the right business representative without navigating a voice-prompt directory system. Upon approval of this patent in 2013, the company i-Comm Connect was formed, and TACTAL was born. 

Since then, TACTAL has been the leading patented global communications tool for websites and call centers, using cutting-edge WebRTC technology to deliver a better customer experience. TACTAL has partnered with multiple Fortune 500 companies to include the product as part of their own product suite and has become certified partners of multiple Contact Center solutions to offer a comprehensive omni channel solution. Last year, TMC, a global, integrated media company, awarded TACTAL a Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for the second time in a row.

What does TACTAL Do?

TACTAL allows businesses to add live call buttons to their website, app, or e-marketing materials. With just one click, customers instantly connect to a live representative through their browser from anywhere in the world with an internet-connected device. TACTAL’s Visual Directory feature allows customers to navigate to the correct department or individual within your company, eliminating the need for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that can increase customer abandonment. The web-based calling solution significantly reduces calling costs without changing the way you do business. 

TACTAL also provides caller data, such as location and device information, to the agent, enabling personalized, proactive assistance. TACTAL can integrate with existing Contact Center solutions or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to pull up existing customer profiles to quickly address inquiries. TACTAL offers integrations into many popular Contact Center solutions such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Genesys PureCloud, NICE inContact, and Drift’s conversational marketing platform. 

Real-time, contextual assistance increases conversion rates and keeps customers from abandoning your website when they run into a question or issue. The call buttons can be routed to any number you choose, work line or personal cell phone, and can even go to different numbers based on scheduled availability. If there are more calls than you have lines or agents, TACTAL’s call-wait feature holds callers in queue.

The solution provides a huge competitive advantage for companies that value the way they communicate with customers.

Who is TACTAL for?

TACTAL was built for any size company looking to deliver fantastic customer service and add a human touch to their digital presence.  TACTAL’s customers range from single-employee businesses to major international companies; the only requirement is the desire to communicate more effectively with your customers. 

The communications solution works on all browsers and devices connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world. And it’s unique from other free-calling software, such as Skype and Whatsapp, as it requires no downloads, plug-ins or login information for the customer to call – simply click and connect! The solution runs through a completely secure platform, protecting the sensitive information of both your company and your customers.

How is TACTAL installed?

The solution is easy to install and scales for any size business. Whether you receive 2 calls weekly or 20,000 calls daily, our self-admin panel makes it simple to add a call button to your website, mobile app, or e-marketing materials within minutes. For TACTAL to work, all you need is a website or mobile app to install the button and a phone number.  Input the desired contacts into the self-admin panel, copy-and-paste a few lines of code onto your website, and TACTAL is live! i-Comm Connect provides a variety of button customizations and will work with your company to match the look and feel of your website.  

Further Applications 

TACTAL doesn’t stop with a website call button. The code that is generated in the self-admin panel is simply a link to your call button or Visual Directory. This can be added to marketing PDFs, email signatures, promotional emails, online ads, and much more. You can turn any digital image into a call button by adding the clickable code, furthering allowing businesses to measure campaign performance to enhance sales and marketing efforts. 

Additionally, TACTAL call button links can turned into QR Codes. When the QR Code is scanned, it opens your internet browser and immediately places a call to your business. If you have an iPhone, simply open the camera app and hover over the QR code below to explore our directory and give one of our team members a call! 

i-Comm Connect continues to innovate alongside emerging technologies, following market trends in the communications industry. Stay tuned for our IoT communications product – IoTComs - launching this month that keeps machines and their service providers updated when a problem or service requirement arises.

Install TACTAL for Your Business

You’ll immediately see the benefits:

• Superior customer experience

• Significant financial savings

• Expanded global reach

• Encrypted, secure solution

• Patented Visual Directory 

• Data tracking/analytics

• Easy installation

• Increased sales

• Smart call routing

• Call-to-action marketing

• Reduced website abandonment

• Increase call center efficiency

• Call queue management

Live help is just one click away!

Interested? Call us through our website to try out the technology. Click Call us - Sales - Roger Chetal, and you can reach me directly. Or email or call 949-899-3563.


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