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Press Release: Emailgistics Announces Free Team Email Management Software
Henry Lach, CEO, Emailgistics, Mississauga, ONT Canada

April 1, 2020

Working from home?

Emailgistics offers free team email management software until the end of June

Emailgistics is providing its SaaS, team email management solution, free until the end of June to all existing and new customers to improve team inbox collaboration in Microsoft Office 365 for people compelled by the Covid-19 virus to work at home.

Toronto, Ontario – In response to the large numbers of employees currently working at home due to the Covid-19 virus, Emailgistics Corp., ( announced that it is offering its team email collaboration software free to all existing and new customers until the end of June. Emailgistics is designed to enable effective collaboration for teams working in team email inboxes within Microsoft Office 365. It does this by streamlining and automating workflow, providing detailed real-time and historical reporting data, and offering a comprehensive yet intuitive set of management tools for business managers.

Business emails require team email management

Quoting Henry LachCEO of Emailgistics:  “Employees working from home need to coordinate, especially now, their team emails during the current Covid-19 crisis. For teams handling significant volumes of inbound email, and especially in situations where it’s important to keep to strict service level agreements for email responses, the ability for Emailgistics to help manage team email workflow is indispensable. In the absence of inbox collaboration tools, organizations run the risk that either nobody will respond to a message, or more than one agent will send potentially conflicting responses to the same inbound message. Either of these can lead to customer frustration and damage to reputation. We are pleased to offer Emailgistics for free until the end of June to help people working in remote teams from home during this unprecedented and challenging time.”  Please visit to get started.

About Emailgistics

The Emailgistics team brings together 23-year veterans of the shared mailbox space to deliver the leading team inbox solution on the leading business email platform, Microsoft Office 365. Emailgistics is dedicated to seamlessly streamlining team inbox collaboration for companies large and small, including employees working from home. For more information visit:


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