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Press Release: Radish Provides ChoiceView At No Charge For COVID Hotlines And Telehealth Services
Submitted by Radish Systems

May 1, 2020

ChoiceView Upgrades Amazon Connect Voice Calls to Multimedia Customer Engagements!

During COVID-19, ChoiceView is free. It's ideally suited for hotlines and telehealth services.

BOULDER, CO  — Radish Systems, a mobile/enterprise software and professional services company, is an Amazon Technology Partner. Our ChoiceView® technology adds a visual dimension to the Amazon Connect platform. It turns voice-only customer calls into fully integrated multimedia, multimodal engagements that include voice, visuals, and touch — all while maintaining compatibility with regular phone calls and business phone systems. It allows customers to understand up to 6X better than voice only. ChoiceView has been called "a revolutionary technology that will have great impact on telehealth and other use cases!" See how it works.

During the time of COVID-19, Radish is providing use of ChoiceView at no charge. ChoiceView is ideally suited for COVID-19 hotlines and other telehealth services where active pages, including forms and links, need to be shared with patients during a phone call. ChoiceView fills the gap between a regular phone call and a video teleconference. It acts like a phone call, not a pre-arranged conference. It works with both virtual agents / bots as well as doctors, help desk personnel, and contact centers. Like any Amazon service, there's no complex setup or integration required. Learn more and get ChoiceView.

Major advantages of ChoiceView are: (1) it starts with the familiarity of a phone call; (2) it doesn't need a mobile app, so it works with first-time callers; (3) it preserves voice quality without needing a high-bandwidth connection; and (4) it's inherently compatible with business phone systems and, of course, Amazon Connect.

ChoiceView for Amazon Connect

Amazon estimates that developers already familiar with Amazon Connect can get up and running with ChoiceView in 5 minutes. The ChoiceView Lambda Function is simply inserted in new or existing contact flows to create "voice with visual" calls. All you need is an Amazon Connect account and a browser.

With ChoiceView, users avoid the irritating problem of listening to long spoken menus, directories and voice announcements on a voice-only call. Studies show that callers navigate through menus 4X to 5X faster when they see and tap through them (ContactBabel, 2015).

ChoiceView also solves the problem of not hearing or understanding voice-only information because users comprehend 6X better when both seeing and hearing information, whether from a virtual or live agent ( Medina, 2014). Since callers can save the visuals on their smart devices or computers, they don't have to write down information, and they're less inclined to transfer to live agents for further help.


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