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Case Study: Dialpad Supercharges InfoTrack Tracks Contact Center In The Cloud
Submitted by Dialpad

June 1, 2021

Case Study: Dialpad Supercharges InfoTrack’s Contact Center in the Cloud

When a business moves its contact center to the cloud, it needs to maintain excellent customer service levels throughout the implementation and transition process. As businesses began moving to a work-from-home style to provide a safe and healthy working environment through the COVID-19 pandemic, a swift and smooth transition to the cloud was critical.

In the summer of 2020, InfoTrack transitioned from its inflexible and high-maintenance on-premises systems to cloud contact center solutions from Dialpad to better provide important services like court filings, process serving, and litigation support for its customers. With employees pivoting to a work-from-anywhere model, it was important that the solution delivered digital tools required for employees to seamlessly and successfully do their job, regardless of location or what devices they used. To quickly support its agents’ remote-work needs with an all-in-one, omnichannel solution on a single platform, InfoTrack selected Dialpad to revamp and modernize its contact center.

Why Dialpad? 

The pandemic accelerated innovation for all businesses, but in particular the customer service industry. Contact centers have been around for decades and largely run on legacy systems. Transitioning to cloud technology is critical to ensure business continuity and superior customer service. 

Dialpad is a communications platform born in the cloud which facilitates ongoing communications, even during implementation, ensuring InfoTrack agents could continue servicing customers without disruption. Dialpad also integrated seamlessly with Salesforce which enabled InfoTrack to maintain its existing CRM solution, providing cohesion and business continuity between its comprehensive customer records and Dialpad's cloud-based contact center platform. 

Benefits of Dialpad

After switching to Dialpad, the first thing InfoTrack noticed was how easy the Dialpad Analytics tools were to use and the depth of business intelligence they provided. The real-time dashboard, analytics, and historical data gathered all its pertinent information into a clear and coherent form, providing a solid overview of the contact center.

Comprehensive heatmaps from Dialpad present clear charts showing InfoTrack call volume throughout the day, clearly color-coded for convenient hourly analysis. By using the feature, InfoTrack could create a staffing evaluation report to determine when they needed more agents on call, without a formal workforce management application.

Voice Intelligence (Vi™): What They Didn’t Know They Needed

Perhaps the biggest benefit was the power of Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence (Vi) model. InfoTrack admins and agents gained new insights and assistance from Vi to improve training, agent performance, and overall customer satisfaction.

Vi is built into Dialpad Contact Center and allows InfoTrack supervisors to perform their own quality management. For example, Vi automatically creates transcripts in real time and are readily available for supervisors. The transcripts include call summaries to help supervisors discover teachable moments without needing to listen through entire calls.

On the agent side, Vi keeps agents informed and on track with Real-Time Assist cards and notes. Vi can help direct conversations and chats while helping agents provide live support and coaching to handle detailed or unique questions that customers may have. After the call is done, Vi provides highlights from the call, such as key takeaways and specific questions.

Happy Dialing

By making the switch to a cloud-based business communications system powered by Vi, InfoTrack’s contact center team became better equipped, informed, and empowered to assist customers. InfoTrack successfully managed to move to the cloud quickly and increase resilience, while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its workforce.


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