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Are You Making These Post-Interaction Survey Mistakes?
Submitted by happitu

June 1, 2021

Are You Making These Post-Interaction Survey Mistakes?

Last summer, my apartment complex sent me a survey via email after a maintenance request had been taken care of.

“We'd like to hear your thoughts on your recent experience with us!  Please let us know how we're doing by answering one quick question.  Based on your recent service request experience, how likely are you to recommend [Apartment Name] to a friend or colleague?”

There were buttons labeled 0 (Not at all likely) through 10 (Extremely likely) for me to click to submit my response.

Using the Wrong Survey at the Wrong Time

Most of you probably recognize this as the Net Promoter® question used to derive a Net Promoter Score℠ often referred to simply as NPS®.  Perhaps you use this question today in post-interaction surveys.  There’s just one problem – I would never consider recommending an apartment complex to a friend or colleague based solely on a maintenance request.  If I were to use one of the most popular apartment search engines on the internet, it would give me dozens of search criteria – bedroom count, bathroom count, amenities, pet policy, budget, square footage, rating, etc. – but it will NOT give me an option to filter by maintenance request NPS® because almost NO ONE would factor that into their decision!

This is just one example of how surveys like NPS® can be misused.  Had they sent me a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey and just asked me to rate my maintenance request experience, that would have made sense.  But NPS® is an entirely different kind of measure and one that should not be tied to a specific interaction because it doesn’t provide actionable feedback.

Tying Agent Compensation to Survey Results

But there are other mistakes that an organization can make with surveys aside from using the wrong one at the wrong time. In some instances, coupling front-line employee compensation with survey results can lead to unintended consequences, like simply not helping customers. Yes, “Voice of the Customer” is important to hear, but customers are human – they don’t always separate the empathetic and helpful agent from a lousy experience that has caused them to call.

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