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Why Teleperformance Turned To An On-demand Pay Benefit To Change Their Recruiting Process

by Doshia Kushman, VP HR - July 1, 2021

Why Teleperformance turned to an on-demand pay benefit to change their recruiting process

By Doshia Kushman, VP of HR, Teleperformance

The employment market is becoming more and more competitive, and employers are having to get more creative about the suite of benefits on how to best recruit and retain talent. The list of reasons attributed to call center agent turnover is long, and will only become more challenging with the massive rehiring due to the economy improving post-pandemic. Managing recruiting and employee retention successfully and efficiently will play a critical role in a company’s ability to succeed.

We knew we had to get creative and recently implemented DailyPay, giving our call center agents access to their money before payday.

Here are three reasons why I believe this will be not only effective but beneficial to our staff.

Financial Literacy

Employees who are committed to their financial wellness may be more engaged on the job, resulting in higher productivity and lower absenteeism. With a long-term savings plan in place, the employee will stay longer in the job and be more willing to pick up extra shifts or new responsibilities.  

Financial Flexibility

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s time for employers to step up to the plate and help alleviate the stresses for our valued employees. We saw a need for financial flexibility , financial literacy education. Think about it, if an employee is not worried about a light bill, they can worry about their family, work life balance, and even helping a customer.

We as employers are having to restrategize to become an employer of choice

Businesses will leverage technology to get a leg up on the competition in delivering top talent from recruiting on social media platforms to offering on-demand pay so employees can have access to their earned money from Day 1 and not wait for a scheduled payday.

Our new hires during orientation are already getting really excited about DailyPay - and we are too!


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