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Why Conduct A Customer Service Audit?

by Deepak Selvaratnam, Chief Operating Officer, Snapshotz - June 1, 2022

Why conduct a Customer Service Audit?

Part 01 of this blog covers 5 reasons why the complexity and science of running a contact centre mandates the need for regular audits and reasons contact centres embark on audits.
Over the past 7 years and particularly over the past 18 months, customer service has emerged as a critical function for the organisation. The complexities of the customer interaction environment, inter organisational dependencies, evolving technology and a specific set of skills required to operate a customer service centre, has meant the need for a scientific approach to manage the many complexities involved in driving targeted outcomes for the customer, employees and the organisation.
To complement the evolution and deal with the complexities, audits of a contact centre are now becoming commonplace and included in audit and board reports of many organisations.
Audits validate what you may already know about your current state and provide the information for future improvements, inputs into budgets and resource allocation and from a customer service perspective, ensure that we continue to meet customer, employee and organisational expectations. 

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