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Cross-Training Technical Support Agents: A Key to Call Center Excellence
Submitted by APEX Call Centers

September 1, 2023

Cross-Training Technical Support Agents: A Key to Call Center Excellence

Commitment to clients equates to commitment to your employees. 

That is how we at Apex Call Centers view excellence. Training our professional caller agents is our way to show our commitment to excellence. Carrying this principle, we have our eyes set on the price that customer satisfaction is our end goal.

That is why we never stop developing strategies and training to keep our company in the loop. With the shift to digital adoption among modern businesses, we have to scale our operations and integrate the technology transformation into our services.

Having that said, our role as call center leaders has heightened. We have to align our perspectives and our aim to seamlessly introduce modern call center practices and technologies that will support our agents in climbing the narrow pole of excellence. 

However, Apex Call Center Leaders have better strategies, and we are at work 24/7 to widen our options and use out-of-the-box solutions. We believe that highly-equipped call center professionals will ease their way up to the pole. Furthermore, with unparalleled leadership, we can see that all our agents can adapt to the complex and ever-changing modern business terrain.

We are constantly looking for ways to update our manuals to train agents. Right now, we are also probing into the dubious approach of cross-training.

Is it wise to cross-train?

There are three top reasons why you and your call center management must also consider cross-training your employees for excellence.

  1. Increase product knowledge 

This is especially for industry-specific, knowledge-based call center services. Usually, an imbalance of call volumes will be observed when there are new product launches from a company. So, if you look further, the scenario for these companies is that, at first, they have high-volume calls. But then, in the following months, calls will decline.

This one company who provide certain product uses more than a hundred a gents. 

But when the downtime came, only half of the team was performing with flying colors.

So now, can you picture where this is going? Of course, the company might soon transfer the agents to another site but with a different product. 

Instead of hiring a new agent, the transferred agents need to be cross-trained.

  1. Hiring a new agent is not an option.

Let us be a matter of fact here. Sometimes, there will be clients with seasonal high-volume calls, and most times, the volume of calls will be very low. Hiring new agents is a costly solution when your company can predict that in the coming months, the demand for the service or the product will rise. The coming months, with expected low volume calls, will result in an imbalance of the number of agents to the number of calls. 

The scenarios already concluded in the case study of a Regional Call Center in the US with over a hundred different locations, including cities and counties. Each has different processes. 

It became a problematic scenario when one of the locations received high call rates while others received mild to low call rates. Just imagine how the result would be for the call center representative’s productivity record.

If you were the manager of this call center, what would you choose, hire new agents or pull some of the already trained agents and align their skills and capabilities by cross-training them?

  1. High demand for technical support agents

We have already set up our plot for this month’s report. Our company has a laser focus on providing excellent technical support. 

With that goal in dart boards, we employed structural adjustment. We will discuss them in a bit. But one of the needs that are pinning us down in these recent times is that we need to prepare our longtime, advanced-level agents for the field of technical and IT industry. 

Now we have reached the exciting part of this news!

How Apex Call Centers is Enracing Technical Support: Banking on Boosting Client's Support

Our managers and customer support specialists have already identified the trend. The need for guidance by IT experts and for customer care to learn how to solve complex issues related to the technical industry is now a sloping line going up.

Our goal is to build loyal clients by continuously bringing them high satisfaction rates for their consumers. That is not all. We are also at our climax to keep our partner clients have a stress-free transition to digitally assisted processes, which are integration and technical regulation policies to commence.

But of course, the largest spotlight is pointed to our employees, who have a direct impact on our customers' entire call center experience. Now, we envision cross-training our agents to master the hurdles of handling calls for technical industries and products.

Our Technical Support Story & Success

Let us give you a quick tour of our recent successes in the company. First and foremost, we are encouraging you as our partners to visit our headquarters. We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities that foster growth and upscaling to our agents’ well-being. It is while we aim for our client’s satisfaction. We are banking on the satisfaction of our entire team at Apex. There is nothing else that we want to assure but that every employee is having the best experience while working at the company. 

Second of recent development in the company is our partnership with external providers who equipped our Subject Matter Specialists to deliver the latest tech trends that the call centers must now adopt. We also have at our arm the extended support of Digital Consulting Companies who provide fast and efficient tech support in maintaining our websites and other digital platforms.

It has been a successful partnership, and we are seeing its rewards to our management teams. 

With the help of Digital Consulting Agencies, we have a visible and accessible presence nowhere else but in digital spaces such as Google, Facebook, and even on our personal professional pages and websites.

This digital adoption tunes us to the ever-growing technological environment, which helps us increase our integrity in making news in the call center communities. And we are continuously working and developing our brand to be a support and inspiration to others in the industry.

Of course, lastly, we are truly in deep gratitude for our growing partners and loyal clients for their continuous support and patronage of our services. All we aspire is for all of us, our colleagues, and partners in the business to always aim for excellence. Let us strive and keep on the lookout for the latest technological innovations that can better the service in our fields. 

To our prized employees, we assure you that our search for the best sources of knowledge base training s will never cease. Cross-training and learning new skills and knowledge can be a dubious approach; taking the right steps with your input and feedback will get us a long way t. We are with you in giving the best experience to your customers. Thank you for the excellent performance you always put in every call, incoming or outgoing. Onwards!


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