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Research Shows Online Communities Help Customers Help Themselves, Relieving Service Agents
Submitted by Khoros

November 1, 2023

Research Shows Online Communities Help Customers Help Themselves, Relieving Service Agents

Nearly 1 in 4 customers contact brands once a week for support issues, questions, or resources, according to the latest research from Khoros. To keep up with demand, businesses are building online communities that offer resources at scale for customers to self-serve and engage with peers to resolve their issues. This allows brands to reserve their customer service agents for complex or high priority needs when customers really need to talk to someone. This reduces wait times to speak to an agent and improves the overall customer experience for those who need quick answers and easy-to-find resources within a brand community.

Based on a survey of 1,620 adults, the Khoros Brand Confidence Guide sheds light on how brands can best support their customers through an online community: 

  • Enable self-service and peer support: 84% of respondents have reached out to online brand communities for customer support or to find answers to questions and other resources, and 66% said they would recommend a brand because it offers a helpful online community. These go-to spaces are helping customers help themselves and each other.  
  • Meet expectations for speed: 86% of respondents expect a response to a question or complaint within one day, while 39% expect a response within one hour. With more customers finding answers in an online community, support agents can focus on reducing response time across fewer calls and messages.

Explore more consumer preferences and learn how to increase customer satisfaction with online communities in Khoros’ Brand Confidence Guide:


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