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Press Release: Accent Localization - A Customer Satisfaction Game Changer
Submitted by Cloud Tech Gurus

February 1, 2024

​Accent Localization - A Customer Satisfaction Game Changer

Now Available from Cloud Tech Gurus
Do you remember the old Discover Card commercial where the customer care agent and the customer were the same person? In the commercial, the agent and customer found each other so relatable that trust was established immediately and the experience for amazing for both parties.

The more relatable a customer finds an agent, the faster trust is established, a bond is created, which lends itself to a better experience.

When I was much younger, a sales trainer told our group that the best salespeople should be like chameleons. They should talk at the customer's pace, try to sound like them and mimic some of their wording and verbiage. He said the more you remind a prospect of themself, the faster trust is built and the easier it will be to sell that customer your product or service.

Regarding relatability and trust building, a new AI-powered technology is a customer service and sales game changer.

It is called Accent Localization. AI-powered Accent Localization is a combination of generative AI and humans that can make agents sound like a local, from anywhere in the world, and overcome language barriers, dialect, word choice, and vocabulary differences. It does all this while preserving energy, empathy and conversational fluency.

Accent Localization will improve service quality, cut operational costs, enhance agent performance, and help to build customer trust more quickly.

Clients are reporting:
  • 23% decrease in handle time
  • 27% increase in conversational fluency
  • 25% increase in customer satisfaction.
Whether your agents are in the Philippines, India, LATAM, Africa, etc., this solution will make them sound like locals to global customers. 
Some additional benefits include
  • Making customers feel more comfortable and understood by hearing a familiar accent
  • Reducing communication barriers and misunderstandings caused by different accents and dialects
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering personalized and engaging experiences
  • Enhancing the credibility and professionalism of the agent
  • Creating a stronger connection and rapport with the customer
  • Boosting the confidence and performance of the agent
  • Enabling the agent to reach and serve a wider and more diverse customer base
Cloud Tech Gurus works with the leading providers of Accent Localization and can help clients source the best solutions provider for their customer outcomes. 
To learn more about this awesome and transformative technology, contact:
Cloud Tech Gurus
About Cloud Tech Gurus:
Cloud Tech Gurus is a company that provides the smartest way to source cutting-edge and impactful contact center solutions. Cloud Tech Gurus handles 70% of their client's sourcing workload, including research, requirements documentation, vendor screening, and serving clients as their agnostic advisor.

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