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Case Study: Transforming Customer Service through Operational Excellence
CH Consulting Group, Christa Heibel, Founder and CEO

April 1, 2024

Case Study: Transforming Customer Service through Operational Excellence

Project Summary:
A financial services corporation established in 1880 was grappling with significant contact center inefficiencies. The corporation boasts over fifteen million clients across the United States, manages assets exceeding $60 billion, and provides more than $1 trillion in life insurance protection.
Evaluation and upgrade of the client’s technology deployments, focusing on improving both customer and employee experiences, ultimately lead to increased revenue and reduced employee turnover.
Project Challenges:
  • Lack of contact center expertise led to operational inefficiencies and difficulty in managing customer interactions effectively.
  • Seasonal spikes in volume overwhelmed the limited number of agents, exacerbating the issue of inadequate staffing.
  • To manage call overflow, a secondary department was utilized, incurring overtime costs and a backlog in its primary functions.
  • Strict SLAs with financial penalties for non-compliance, added additional pressure.
  • Absence of accurate data on cost per call and a method for capacity planning.

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