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Cutting-Edge Product Release: Biometrics and FIDO2 Passkeys Authentication for Call Centers

July 1, 2024

Product Release: Biometrics and FIDO2 Passkeys Authentication for Call Centers.


Reduce Call Handling Times & Mitigate Fraud Risks

Balancing security and efficiency is a constant concern for call centers in various industries. Authsignal, a prominent provider of modern security solutions, has recently launched its latest product, call center authentication. The new product aims to reduce call handling times while mitigating existing or future fraud risks. Authsignal's call center authentication integration is designed to plug into any existing technology ecosystem. It eliminates the need for companies to switch to a new system to enhance security.

Evolving Fraud Tactics

As AI technology advances, particularly with deep fakes and voice cloning tools, traditional security measures like Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) and voice biometrics are increasingly compromised. Scammers leverage these sophisticated AI tools and exploit data breaches where sensitive knowledge-based information is stolen and sold on the dark web. This enables them to bypass security protocols that rely on personal knowledge or voice verification with alarming ease. To combat these threats, call centers must continually reassess and update their authentication strategies, integrating more secure, AI-resistant technologies that can effectively counter evolving fraud tactics.

Better Customer Experience Through Efficient Authentication

One of the standout features of Authsignal’s Call Center Authentication is its ability to significantly reduce call handling times. By eliminating the need for knowledge-based questioning, which often frustrates customers, this solution enables agents to authenticate callers quickly via Passkey Authentication. The result? Reduced wait times and more efficient call flows, which not only boost the productivity of call center staff but also enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Phishing-Resistant MFA

Authsignal's risk-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) product supports phishing-resistant FIDO2 Passkeys and the integration of face biometrics. This enables businesses to secure business processes against the increasing threat of deep fake technologies and voice biometric spoofing, mitigating the risk of such call center attacks. 

Authsignal Intergration

Understanding the complexities and costs associated with technology migration, Authsignal’s Call Center Authentication integrates into any existing call center technology stack (Amazon Connect, Genesis). Thanks to flexible APIs and SDKs, this solution can be deployed within hours, not days or weeks, enabling call centers to benefit from advanced authentication technologies without overhauling their current systems.

Case Studies: A Testament to Transformation

One of the world's top-rated airlines has already adopted Authsignal's Call Center Authentication, and the results speak for themselves. Their call center experienced a reduction in call handling times by up to 30 seconds per call on average.

Customer-Centric Benefits

By significantly reducing the time customers spend verifying their identities, enterprises can allocate more resources to solving customer issues and improving service quality. This shift not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances the overall perception of the brand.

Future-Proofing Call Centers

As fraud threats evolve and customer expectations for quick and efficient service rise, call centers cannot afford to lag in adopting new technologies. Authsignal’s Call Center Authentication is a future-proof solution that meets call centers' current needs and scales to accommodate future developments in technology and threat mitigation.



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