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2024 June Market Study: CX Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities
Submitted by Customer Management Practice | CCW Digital

by Brian Cantor - July 1, 2024

2024 June Market Study: CX Trends, Challenges, & Opportunities


Talk about cultivating a culture of customer centricity continues to prove hollow. The majority of consumers feel that experiences actually regressed over the past year, delivering a harsh truth to businesses of all industries. The real kicker? AI technology, which many have been trumpeting as a saving grace, is exacerbating the situation.
What will it take to reverse this regression? What will it take to harness AI in a more productive, customer-centric way? What will it take to empower agents to deliver personalized, productive, loyalty-building service? What will it take to build a brand for which customers eagerly advocate?
Instead of guessing about the answers, CCW Digital went right to the source – and surveyed actual customers about what they want from chatbots, digital experiences, agent interactions, and in-store shopping trips. The answers are in this market study.

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